The plugin system of Electrum-Dime is designed to allow the development of new features without increasing the core code of Electrum-Dime. To enable or disable Plugins, see menubar > Tools > Plugins.

Below you can find a short description of each available tool.

Audio Modem

Provides support for air-gapped transaction signing. requires ‘amodem’ python package

Cosigner Pool

This plugin facilitates the use of multi-signatures wallets. It sends and receives partially signed transactions from/to your cosigner wallet. Transactions are encrypted and stored on a remote server.


Send and receive payment request with an email account keys.


Save your wallet labels on a remote server, and synchronize them across multiple devices where you use Electrum-Dime. Labels, transactions IDs and addresses are encrypted before they are sent to the remote server.


This plug-in allows you to create a visually encrypted backup of your wallet seeds, or of custom alphanumeric secrets.

Two Factor Authentication

This plugin adds two-factor authentication to your wallet. For more information, visit

Virtual Keyboard

Add an optional virtual keyboard to the password dialog. Warning: do not use this if it makes you pick a weaker password.